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static website generator (html and gemini) for my personal website zvava.org

[to do] rewrite no. 4

re write the whole website again but in wren and yeah


the qjs wiki.js utility is provided to help me (and you!) to create modifications to the wiki. it has usage information built in, the most useful of which are new and make. to make development faster you may alias wiki="qjs wiki.js"

new page

create a new wiki page with placeholder content

usage: qjs wiki.js new page [args...]

general arguments:

  • -h --help: display usage information
  • -f --force: don't abort if page already exists

add metadata:

  • -t --title: set new page's title
  • -C --created: set new page's created date
  • -m --modified: set new page's modified date
  • -T --thumb: set new page's thumbnail
  • -c --category: add a category to the page

add content:

  • -h1 --header: add a # header to the page
  • -h2 --sub: add a ## header to the page
  • -h3 --subsub: add a ### header to the page
  • -p --text: add a paragraph to the page
  • -q --quote: add a block quote to the page
  • -l --link: add a link to the page
  • -i --image: add an image to the page
  • -a --alt: set alt text of previous image/link


run qjs make.js (or wiki make if you have the alias) to create out/, out/gemini/, and out/www/, then generate contents

run webserver 8080 out/www/ (npm i -g webserver) to debug html output https://github.com/mbrubeck/agate run agate --content out/gemini/ --host localhost to debug gemini output (agate)


make sure all changes are committed and pushed

run qjs wiki.js publish and enter password to sync changes with the webserver

remote server will fetch the latest version of this repo, and run the publish.sh script. this builds the site remotely and copies out/gemini/ to /var/gemini/content/ and out/www/ to /var/www/sass